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Michael receiving the lifetime achievement at the political book awards.


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    • But the pelicans eat pigeons. Great city, tough world! ,
    • Record car output/tourism/jobs growth. Told chaos still threatens from across Channel. We're waiting patiently. So are the fishes.,
    • Hoping for great day in , Chris. So much history. Tragedy. Trials. Executions. & mice. Desperate nee… ,
    • And, darling Greta, you got President Trump! (Before PC nuts go ballistic we are dearest friends, can disagree and… ,
    • Bilge about . Set up for benefit of broadcasters. What did you learn from the last lot apart from most candidates had two legs?,
    • Suspect I enjoyed my full British breakfast considerably more than President Juncker will enjoy his lunch. And breakfast means breakfast.,
    • Thought I'd leave that one to you! ,
    • Theresa May proving that politics is not soap opera but great drama, serious stuff about who we are and what we want to be. Love it.,
    • The election is the 2nd Referendum the Remainers have been demanding. Will they accept the result? Or continue to cry in the wilderness?,
    • !,
    • No need to like Erdogan but we must find way of doing business with him. NATO ally. Imagine horrors of Islamist Turkey on border of Europe.,
    • During Referendum both sides abused . Then we subcontracted refugee policy to it. Now Erdogan turns his back. Surprise?,
    • Watched (again) historic series on US Civil War. Now sitting quietly with rebel whiskey & Perfect evening.,
    • Folk Alley Sessions: Jay Ungar & Molly Mason Family Band, "Ashokan Farewell" ,
    • I shall write them on the beaches... ,
    • Enjoyed writing my Churchill novels as much as any I've written. ,
    • I blinked and suddenly we were at war with Spain. Madness. This is a game of poker, not World War 3. No need to send for Capt Mannering.,
    • Why do we need HS2 when in 10 years we'll be in electric-powered autonomous vehicles? ,
    • College Green jammed with cameras & mikes for . History on the march - but in which direction? ,
    • Yes Minister was real life. ,
    • Enjoyed this. Smiling through the sorrows. ,
    • FU seems to be the answer to so much nowadays. ,
    • Great evening. Wonderful friends. Excellent money raised for new school sports hall. Buy a bloody brick! ,
    • Flowers at every point on Westminster Bridge. London back to business - but remembering.,
    • New friends off to London for big birthday!!! But also to pay respects on WestBridge. Thank you ladies. ,
  • Michael receiving the lifetime achievement
    at the political book awards.


    The Turning Point

    Michael's play stars Benedict Cumberbatch & Matthew Marsh and centres around a little known 1938 meeting between
    Winston Churchill and Guy Burgess.
    Click here to view the live broadcast.

    Sky Arts Theatre Live