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How do I write parliamentary novels? I take reality – then I water it down! I have to, in order to make it believable…

Throughout time the men and women at the centre of power have been a constant source of surprise, displaying not only courage and foresight, but often extraordinary vulnerability and blindness, too. What more could you want as the building blocks of great drama?

And I've been fortunate enough to have had a ringside seat. I started writing my first novel 25 years ago. A few years before that I'd walked into Downing Street with Margaret Thatcher – and I was soon to be booted out with John Major. Now I work for David Cameron. A busy life.

Someone once said that all political careers end in failure. I think that's a little harsh. Political careers usually start out in a fanfare of idealism, yet it's not long before they find themselves wandering across the soggy ground that lies somewhere between blind ambition and impossible events. Some politicians succeed, they end up in Downing Street; others don't and end up in jail.

Whatever the outcome, it provides endless material for drama. Enjoy.