When dying becomes the easy option…


The Reluctant Hero

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First Chapter

‘When at last Zac became aware, he found himself in a place that had been stripped of every shred of colour. Some pain was like that, so intense, so personal, that it tore away all subtlety from the world and left nothing but obliterating darkness and flashes of blinding, impenetrable light… The pain they had inflicted had been, literally, unimaginable. The sort of pain that makes a man do anything, say anything, to make it stop.’


Somewhere in a Central Asian republic, in an underground prison cell, an innocent man is facing imminent death.

Harry Jones – former soldier, maverick, politician – owes this man a debt of honour. Planning an audacious rescue mission, Harry is unaware of the depths of corruption and conspiracy his clandestine intervention will uncover, nor of the danger he will unleash, both for himself and for others.

It will bring him and the woman he loves to a place of unendurable suffering. To have any chance of survival they must draw on reserves of strength and ruthlessness they never knew they had. They will find themselves in the darkest of places, only to discover their pursuers have got there first…


He managed to laugh a little. He might yet die in daylight. One of the guards shook his head in pity. 'Crazy man,' he muttered, as they dragged him on…



A MASTER OF THE INTERNATIONAL THRILLER – A REAL VOTE-WINNER: 'If you haven't picked up a Michael Dobbs novel in a while you should – and not just because of the quality of the writing. You will find that he is a very different writer these days from the lacerating satirist who created the murderous MP Francis Urquhart in House of Cards…. He has skillfully carved out a second career for himself as a master of the international thriller, juggling a variety of combustible elements on a global stage. Along the way he has earned the praise of such old hands as Frederick Forsyth. If David Cameron lands the big job, it's to be hoped that he doesn't try to inveigle Dobbs back into the world of politics. If he does, Mr Dobbs, fiction fans will be grateful if your answer is a firm "no".' Daily Express.

'Dobbs is a wonderfully fluent storyteller.' Daily Telegraph.

'The best kind of British thriller, with a scenario which is all the more frightening because of its plausibility.' Yorkshire Post.

'Michael Dobbs is in fine form with this fast-paced page-turner. This is a book to be devoured.' Press Association.

'Harry Jones returns to defend Britain's honour in this rip-roaring thriller.' Northern Echo.