In two days the world will be destroyed. Can anyone stop the bloodshed?


The Edge of Madness

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It begins with the small things. Power failures. Blackouts. Transport breakdowns. A plane that falls out of the sky.

Those are just warnings. A test for what is to come. The real cyber war hasn't started yet.

When it does, nothing can stop the madness. Millions will die as governents fall and systems collapse into chaos.

Not even two presidents and a prime minister can stop this. They won't all survive the day. Harry Jones believes the answer lies in an old Scottish tower, but already it's collapsing in flames around him.

And in a few hours time, the world will follow…


Reviews of Harry Jones novels

'It kept me up all night. I couldn't put it down.' BBC Radio 2, Steve Wright in the Afternoon.

'Your publisher very kindly sent me a copy of your new novel but there was no need as I have bought and read with enormous pleasure all MD books over the years.' Denis MacShane, M.P.

‘Dobbs was clearly put on this earth to write thrillers of the most shamelessly page-turning quality’ Daily Express

‘The best kind of British thriller’ The Guardian

‘Explosive in every sense. His novels are famously predictive’ Daily Mail

‘Fascinating and pretty frightening stuff’ Freddie Forsyth

‘The plot is riveting…. A first-rate tale – Dobbs’ thrill chamber!’ Sunday Express

‘A thriller that is both nightmare vision and timely warning’ Financial Times