Never Surrender

The story of one man's defiance and a nation's courage.

Never Surrender


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Friday 10 May, 1940. Hitler launches his devastating attack that in days will overrun France, Holland and Belgium, and bring Britain to its knees at Dunkirk. It is also the day Winston Churchill becomes Prime Minister.

He is the one man capable of standing in Hitler's way – yet Churchill is still deeply mistrusted within his own Cabinet and haunted by the memory of his tortured father.

Never Surrender is a novel about the courage and defiance that were displayed in abundance – not just by Churchill, but by ordinary men and women during three of the most momentous weeks in British history.


"Churchill is dominating, the dialogue is wonderfully vivid… such a stylish and stirring novel." Sunday Telegraph

"This is a magnificent novel. It will hold the reader's fascination from beginning to end." Press Association

"Dobbs masterfully dissects three weeks of the Second World War. A historical hit." Daily Mirror

"A brilliant book!" Sandi Toksvig