'We can do what no men have ever done – build a world freed from the tyranny of all war.'


Churchill's Triumph


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YALTA, 4 February 1945: The moment in which our modern world is shaped. The Second World War is coming to an end and the three most powerful men on earth meet to thrash out the details of peace.

There is the cantankerous Winston Churchill, the idealistic but ailing Franklin Roosevelt, and the butcher Joseph Stalin, snake-like in his cunning. They are supposedly allies, but over eight days these men will lie, cheat and deceive each other as they struggle to establish an agreement and secure their places in history.

Meanwhile, as the smoke continues to rise above Europe, a Polish soldier tries to find his daughter in ruins of Warsaw. He is a man who has already been betrayed by Hitler and Stalin, and now his fate lies in the ageing hands of Winston

Churchill. The two men become involved in an extraordinary battle for survival, as the destiny of a small girl and half the world lies in the balance.

Michael Dobbs has written a riveting historical novel that brings the passions of the period dramatically alive. It vividly rekindles not only the perils that lie in store for those who wield power, but also the heroism and suffering of ordinary people caught up in extraordinary events.



"Brings the quartet to a resounding close. Dobbs conjures up Roosevelt's stricken response beautifully. He is a fine writer… and captures the spirit of the thing." Daily Telegraph.

"This novel is a triumph." The Times.

"Dobbs writes with passion. Furiously told and compelling… Churchill's Triumph is a thinking man's bestseller." The Guardian.

"His portrait of Churchill is as masterly as ever… and in the tragedy of Poland burning while statesmen fiddled, Dobbs has found a theme worthy of his powers." Sunday Telegraph.

"Brilliant… full of magnificently dark political characters." Daily Mail.

"Intrigue, political scandal and government treachery… Dobbs demostrates why he is the master." Times Literary Suppplement.

"Absorbing… The book vividly brings to life one of the pivotal events of the twentieth century. Impeccably researched." Glasgow Herald.

"A gripping read, a compelling story, expertly told." The Scotsman.

"I've rarely ever felt so involved or so moved by a historical novel." Professor John Ramsden, author of "Man of the Century".

"Dobbs clearly has an instinctive feel for what makes powerful men tick." The Mail on Sunday.

"A moving story of human tragedy you won't want to put down." Sunday Post.

"A brilliant drama tracing the human side of the leaders who held the future of the world in their hands." Yorkshire Post.

"The drama and despair of this momentous meeting are captured perfectly and Dobbs shows a rare talent for reading between the lines of official history." The Northern Echo.

"A huge success." Sunderland Echo.

"Brings the passion of war to life." Teeside Evening Gazette.

"Dobbs presents the historical facts with such skill and pace, it becomes a rattling good yarn… Another winner." Nottingham Evening Post.

"The real Churchill brought to life." Western Morning News.