The extraordinary story of a leader's courage and a country's survival.


Churchill's Hour

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Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill were to become great allies, but they started far apart. That was, until 7th December, 1941.

Pearl Harbour. A day of infamy. A day that changed the world. A day when America was dragged into the war, and Winston Churchill rejoiced.

The attack on Pearl Harbour brought the two leaders and their nations together. Some even claim Churchill knew about the attack beforehand, but said nothing.

Yet in saving his country, he risked watching his own family be destroyed by the tempestuous affair that erupted between his daughter-in-law Pamela and America's most powerful envoy, Averell Harriman. Throughout history great moments of love and war have often been mixed together, and so they were in 1941.

Churchill's Hour is a story about great passions and great decisions, and still greater deceptions.



"CHURCHILL AS NATURE INTENDED: Dobbs captures his famous subject with artistry. With every stroke of his brush, he etches the character deeper into the memory. It is beautifully done." Sunday Telegraph

"As an insightful, thought-provoking portrait of one man's personal courage and unshakeable conviction, it succeeds magnificently. Yorkshire Post

"Intriguing political drama from a master of the genre." Irish Independent

"By any standards, this is a remarkable book in an outstanding series which makes history interesting and exciting. Anyone who wants to know about Churchill should read this."

"Truly insightful." Sunday Express.


And some more comments from around the country…

"Riveting and controversial… Dobbs has the gift of taking us inside the subjects's head." Glasgow Evening Times.

"This is a typically masterful page-turner." Hampstead & Highgate Express.

"BOOK OF THE MONTH – A story of dilemmas, deceptions and courage, Michael Dobbs weaves history and imagination into a gripping read." CHOICE Magazine.

"Entertaining. Insightful." Northern Echo.

"This is a story of decetion, trickery, subterfuge, propaganda and raw tension… Dobbs lifts the lid on the greatest Briton, exposing his strengths, weaknesses, foibles – right down to his table manners – in a way that makes the read utterly compelling… By any standards this is a remarkable book in an oustanding series." Aberdeen Press & Journal.