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My first real recollection of Winston Churchill was watching his funeral with my mother on an ancient black and white television. She was in tears, and I had no idea why the death of a man she had never met should affect her so deeply. I decided I would find out.

It set me on a voyage of discovery that continues to this day. As a novelist I want to know the man, the flesh and blood fellow, not the statue set up high on a plinth. What made him so different? What brought him to rage? What made him cry…?


I discovered a man of greatness, but also a man of faults, many insecurities and much private pain.

Michael talks about his Churchill novels and writing
'The Turning Point' play – SkyArts – Click to view.


The reason he achieved greatness, in my view, wasn't because he was perfect but because he had so many private battles to fight before he ever got round to doing all the blood-sweat-and-tears stuff we remember him for.

I've written novels about him, a play, made a radio documentary for the BBC and a TV documentary for SKY; you can find some of these at the links below. Winston has become part of my life, just as he was for my mother. 


"Dobbs is following in a respectable tradition. Shakespeare, Walter Scott, even Tolstoy, all used historical events as the framework for their writings. And, unlike some of their distinguished works, Dobbs's novel is, in fact, astonishingly historically accurate."

Anthony Howard, The Times

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