A novel of power, seduction and a woman's revenge.


First Lady



Michael Dobbs returns to the subject that made him a household name – the human drama and scandal in Westminster’s corridors of power.

Ginny is the young wife of an Opposition MP, Dominic Edge, and is entirely content with her life in the constituency home. So when she overhears gossip of her husband’s affair, it is a shattering blow. For some women such things seem part of the Westminster game, but Ginny is no ordinary woman. She decides that there is only one way to stop being a perpetual victim of the system, and that is to become its master. Ginny will not be satisfied until she is the wife of the Prime Minister.

And so begins a voyage of personal discovery for Ginny that will change her from devoted mother and housewife to ultimate manipulator. Driven by the intuition and determination of a wronged woman, she takes ruthless advantage of the ineptitude of men. Ministers, editors, churchmen and even the Monarch fall victim to her wiles. Yet in the pitiless world of politics, one man’s success can only be achieved by the ruination of many others, and Ginny will discover there is a high price to pay for pushing her husband to the very top…

As Michael Dobbs achieved so brilliantly with his House of Cards series, so with First Lady he ruthlessly dissects the greed, corruption and lust for advancement of the players in 21st century Westminster. It is a novel as witty as it is moving, as compelling an entertainment as it is an intimate insight into the darker corners of the human soul.



"Barbed and breakneck, often very funny and hugely entertaining." The Times.

“Highly polished and divertingly sophisticated. A great romp, a crash course in treachery, a guidebook in Machiavellian deviousness.” Sandra Howard, wife of the former Tory leader, Spectator.

"An absolute tour-de-force, a ripping read, a great, great book. Ginny Edge is truly amazing." Christine Hamilton, BBC Woman's Hour.

"Electrifying. Brutal, coruscating stuff." Sunday Telegraph.

"High-class, with some caustic observations on the private pursuit of public power. Compulsively readable, like a guilty secret." The Mail on Sunday.

"Think books about politics are dull? You obviously haven't read any of Michael Dobbs! His latest is a deliciously racy novel of greed, corruption and lust. The plot line is enticing, filled with secrets and deception that will keep you guessing at every turn of the page. Razor-sharp and entertainingly witty, this is an addictive must-read." Woman magazine.

"If you're after a rollicking good read, then Michael Dobbs' First Lady is the book for you." Daily Express 20 Great Holiday Reads.

"Entertainingly witty, cunningly well observed, absolutely un-put-downable." SHE magazine.

"Races along like a flash flood. A brilliant insider's view of politics." BOOK OF THE MONTH – First Magazine

"Dobbs is really good at this sort of thing." The Big Issue.

"Enjoyable and full of insider knowledge." Scotland on Sunday.

"First Lady is a devastating portrait of the politician's wife." York Evening Press.

"Fascinating… A frank, sometimes funny political romp." Bournemouth Daily Echo.

"LIFE IMITATES ART: Michael Dobbs must be rubbing his hands – or his crystal ball – with glee." Daily Telegraph.