A busy year….

Christmas was Celebrity University Challenge. Emphasis on 'challenge'. My team from Christ Church was filled with artists and  political hacks, so inevitably our opening questions were about 18th century German physicists. Ho-hum. We scored a record low for the series. My contribution was to smile.

January – the EU Referendum Bill in the House of Lords. My Bill. A great parliamentary occasion. We fought for weeks to give the people a vote on whether Britain stays in or gets out of the EU. The Bill never stood a chance of passing through the Lords but it has set out the political battleground with stunning clarity. More – much more – to come at the next election. If you're sufferinng from sleeplessness you can read and watch the debates here.

Also in January I succeeded in fillling my diesel car with petrol. My wife says I should get out more.

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Michael receiving the lifetime achievement
at the political book awards.

February – the second stunning Netflix series of House of Cards. Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright produce two dynamite performances. It's become a global viewing sensation and won Robin a Golden Globe on top of its three Emmys. President Obama tweeted about it; the show is a huge hit in China, and I am weighed down with fan mail from Kyrgyzstan.

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March -  the annual Palace of Varieties where we parliamentarians humiliate ourselves on stage on behalf of Macmillan Cancer Support. My version of Mad Dogs and Englishmen might have had Noël Coward wincing and wasnt very kind about President Hollande but we raised a huge amount of money – £100,000. Worth every flush of embarrassment. Watch extracts here. Later we raised another six-figure sum for Macmillan with the Lords versus Commons tug of war. The Lords team came a close second.

Then a surprising evening at the Political Book of the Year awards in central London where to my astonishment I found myself being summoned to the stage to collect the Lifetime Achievement award. I suspect it's a subtle way of telling me I should now retire.

April – in Rome to launch House of Cards. The Italian Prime Minister Signor Renzi was photographed walking into a bookshop and buying a copy. I hope he realizes it's a work of entertainment, not a book of instruction.

Also to Boston to pick up another Lifetime Award from my alma mater at Tufts University, then in June to New York to receive the P T Barnum Award for Excellence in Entertainment.

In the last couple of months new editions of House of Cards have been published in the US, Denmark, China, Italy, Poland, Germany, South Korea, France, Norway and many other countries, along with an exciting new e-book edition.

The paperback version of the new Harry Jones novel 'A Ghost at the Door' is out. It was short-listed for the Political Fiction of the Year award. The Daily Express said 'the excitement never lets up but underneath is a love story that is just as compelling' and the BBC suggested it was 'the best Harry Jones yet'. Visit Amazon Store

And now we have started shooting House of Cards Season 3. It may be a love story, too – but not in the way the local vicar might accept.

It's been a bit of a year. More fun to come.

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    • visits in Oval Office and gives him copy of British original . Am I flattered? You might think that....,
    • FU: Who wants to live twice? Living once is enough, if you can make it count. @HouseofCards,
    • Woke in SanFrancisco to brilliant news - riding high in nominations.,
    • So many lives, so much treasure spent in . And who now flies the skies? Russia.,
    • They're revamping Lords press area to prevent journos falling. But isn't shoving them off roof best way of controlling them? @HouseofCards,
    • Chaos in Iraq not due to our invasion, says Blair. He's right. The invasion was his. Roll on Chilcot.,
    • Just stepped off plane to hear terrific news that will be bringing back EU Referendum Bill. Flying high still! .,
    • FU: MPs won the tug of war against . They were huge, grotesque. Another year of austerity should see to that. @macmillancancer,
    • FU: Nothing lasts forever. Not even the reign in Spain.,
    • FU: 'I may have encroached upon your personal wealth but I assure you it would have been inadvertent'. A novel excuse. Doubt it'll catch on.,
    • FU: Lord commissions polls - the Lib-Dems sack him. commissions polls - the Tories ask him for money. A tangled web.,
    • FU: Cain and Cable?,
    • FU: They said they would build a new Europe. But they have sat so long on their marble thrones that their arses have turned to concrete.,
    • FU: Sometimes it is better to let your opponent survive, mortally wounded, in agony. A lesson to others. So be grateful for Mr .,
    • FU: On a clear day in Westminster some politicians can see almost as far as Battersea. But there are very few clear days in Westminster.,
    • FU: I hate local elections, all parish pumps and turbulent priests. My right flank has turned, the left collapsed and run. Situation normal.,
    • FU: Sometimes it takes a Prince to see through a Tsar. @HouseofCards,
    • FU: Mr Miliband on the campaign trail, a most formidable election winner. But for which side? @HouseofCards,
    • FU: I understand Europe is having elections. But why have elections when there is no democracy? @HouseofCards,
    • FU: awards tonight. What Britain does best. I think I should get an award. After all, I practise sincerity so hard. @HouseofCards,
    • FU: If climate doom-mongers fixed the weather as ruthlessly as they fix their evidence, we would all be saved. Hallelujah! @HouseofCards,
    • FU: Parliament in recess. My wife says that is always welcome. The longer they are away the less harm they can do. @HouseofCards,
    • FU: I don't do humble pie. I have no appetite for it. It gives me wind. @HouseofCards,
    • FU: When a man is afraid you will crush him, utterly destroy him, his respect will always follow. @HouseofCards,
    • FU: There are 3 phases to Coalition Government. First is Seduction. Second is Sobering Up. The last is Sod Off. It is clearly Sod Off time.,

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