It has already been a busy year.

In January I led the fight for the EU Referendum Bill in the House of Lords. It would have given the British people a vote on whether we stay in or get out of the European Union (I argued that we politicians have made such a mess of it that only the people now have the right to decide). Many days of fine parliamentary battle. The Bill never stood a chance of passing through the Lords but it has set out the political battleground with stunning clarity. You will hear much more if the referendum at the next election. You can read and watch the debates here.

Michael Premiere

Michael receiving the lifetime achievement
at the political book awards.

In February came the release of the second Netflix series of House of Cards. Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright produce two dynamite performances that have become a global viewing sensation and won Robin a Golden Globe. President Obama tweeted about it; the show is even a huge hit in China.

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In March came the annual Palace of Varieties where we parliamentarians made fools of ourselves on behalf of Macmillan Cancer Support. My version of Mad Dogs and Englishmen might have had Noël Coward wincing but we raised a huge amount of money – £100,000. Worth every flush of embarrassment. Watch extracts here.

Then a surprising evening at the Political Book of the Year awards at London's IMAX where to my astonishment I was presented with the Lifetime Achievement award by Boris Johnson. I hope it doesn't mean I should now retire politely. I intend to be entirely disgraceful about the whole thing.

It's going to be a bit of a year for awards. In April I pick up another Lifetime Award from my alma mater at Tufts University in Boston, and in June I will be in New York to receive the P T Barnum Award for Excellence in Entertainment.

In the last couple of months new editions of House of Cards have been published in the US, Denmark, China, Italy and many other countries, along with an exciting new e-book edition.

And the paperback version of the new Harry Jones novel 'A Ghost at the Door' is out in April. It was short-listed for the Political Fiction of the Year award. The Daily Express said 'the excitement never lets up but underneath is a love story that is just as compelling'. Visit Amazon Store

It's been a bit of a year. And lots more fun to come.

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    • Italian PM Renzi walked into Rome bookshop yesterday and bought copy of House of Cards. Hope he realises it's entertainment not instruction,
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    • Futile Fact #5 . The UK series got 14 BAFTA nominations. The US series 9 Emmy and 4 Golden Globe nominations - so far. Enjoy!,
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    • Irrelevant Fact: HRH the Prince of Wales and I were born an hour apart.,
    • Many Labour & LibDem peers baffled. How could Tories lose vote on - yet win the political battle? ,

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