Where did the time go?

Much of it went on a little project called walk4jack. Turned out to be one of the finest things I’ve ever managed to get myself involved with.

A year ago a great young man called Jack Fishwick was playing his usual game of rugby and went up to catch a ball. In the moments that followed he broke his neck. Catastrophically. It left him a tetraplegic and confined to a wheelchair.

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Michael receiving the lifetime achievement
at the political book awards.

Jack is stubborn, refused to be beaten. He was determined to regain his independence. He is also my neighbour. So I decided to help him. The result was something called walk4jack where I promised to walk 150 miles in a week to raise money for him and the RFU's Injured Players Foundation. In fact, in the end it stretched and stumbled to 176 miles. But what an adventure! 

The outpouring of support was extraordinary – two Prime Ministers, three bishops, a host of political leaders and more than 120 members of the House of Lords. But what was truly inspiring was the help I got from ordinary people – neighbours, friends, total strangers, a taxi driver who refused to take his fare, and so many others.

OK, so at times it was a real pain, and I got lost, and my feet hurt, but we’ve raised more than £30,000. And Jack has that gleam of determination back in his eye. Brilliant. You can read about it at www.walk4jack.com.

Three people who supported my walk4jack were Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright and Beau Willimon. You might have thought they’d be too busy picking up Golden Globes, basking in the success of Season 3 of the great Netflix series and preparing Season 4. But no, they were cheering me on. My House of Cards family is special.

hoc-cover2015And the House of Cards series somehow climbs to even more dizzy heights. It's a huge hit in China, while the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan, the delightful Mr Karim Massimov, sought me out on a visit to Britain to present me with his own personal copy that he bought more than 20 years ago.

The novel is published worldwide and you can get an updated edition here. And some believe my Harry Jones novels are even better!

I haven’t mentioned the election (if you must, follow me on Twitter). I don’t get a vote. As a peer I am banned by law from voting, along with criminals and the mentally infirm. Yeas, I know, I keep interesting company.

And if you missed my Huw Wheldon Memorial Lecture I gave in February to the Royal Television Society about the Future of Public Service Broadcasting, you can watch it here.
So much more to do, and it’s only April…


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    • Deluge upon House of Lords. Biblical flooding. Content/Labour Lobby awash. God's revenge - but for what?,
    • Masterful analysis. From Project Fear to Project Possible. Charles Crawford ,
    • BBC must stop this 'UK divided' crap. No government ever got 52% of vote. Real division is between people and us politicians. Time to heal.,
    • Proud to have pushed the Referendum. My worst mistake - terrible campaign - but my best mistake - the people have decided. But which way???,
    • VoteRemain: top dogs with their millions. VoteLeave: ordinary Brits in their millions. Tomorrow, every vote worth the same. Please use it.,
    • How can you trust a government you don't elect more than one you do? At heart of it all is fundamental issue of democracy. People Power.,
    • The EU was once full of ideals. Now it's just deals. Mostly dodgy ones. Time to stop making excuses and start making for the exit.,
    • Historic moment. Clear alternative. EU or UK. Vote not in fear but in confidence that we are a nation of extraordinary ability and ambition.,
    • A precious, incredibly rare moment to make our own future rather than be dragged along by others and by events. Our country, own our future.,
    • Great rally in Ferndown last night. Filled with enthusiasm. And hope! Britain alongside not inside EU. Thanks all those who came.,
    • More regulation or more freedom? Bureaucracy or democracy? Fear or ambition? Inside of alongside?Take a deep breath of fresh air. ,
    • Those who walk in fear will never climb a mountain. Time to stop the scare stories and stand tall. .,
    • Own laws, own taxes, own judges, own borders, own business rules. Own the Future. .,
    • Our PM on President Juncker's election. 'Back room deal'. 'Railroaded'. 'No legitimacy'. Every word worth reading. ,
    • It's about democracy and values, isn't it? Some seem happy to sell their vote. But if we leave our votes will be worth immeasurably more.,
    • The ability to sack those who govern us is fundamental. It's what suffragettes fought for 100 years ago.,
    • So Herr Schauble is at it again. He was man who said 'elections change nothing'. Terrible words. But this referendum can change everything.,
    • Listening to Minister apologising for voter registration cock-up. Everyone can still register until midnight tonight. Don't miss out.,
    • Glorious speech on EU by DCameron 3 years ago. Truly worth reading. "Freedom". "Flexibility". What happened? ,
    • We have the seas, the skills, universities, fair laws, our freedoms. No wonder PM said 'of course we can make it on our own outside the EU.',
    • In a world run by bankers and trade blocs, who will stand up for democracy? What is the price of a vote? Where is the freedom in following?,
    • 'EU has given us peace & security'. So can you name EU Foreign & Security Minister? No? A riddle inside an enigma wrapped up in your gold.,
    • Ashamed that a year ago Tory manifesto vowed immigration 'in tens not hundreds of thousands' I'm trying to make up for it. Have Voted Leave.,
    • 10,000 EU officials take home more pay than British Prime Minister. Never have so many been worth their weight in our gold.,
    • Just one tiny flaw in JP Morgan's scaremongering. If US banks will have access to single market after Brexit, SO WILL BRITISH BANKS.,

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